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Jay primarily writes news and deals posts for Android Police. Before joining AP, he spent the past several years yammering on about the crazy world of Android for various tech outlets. He has reviewed almost every type of phone, from entry-level models to rugged phones. When he's not writing, he goes on long-distance trips with his camera and phones.

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A golden Oura Ring Gen 3 being worn on the index finger over an off-white background 1
Oura slaps Ultrahuman with a lawsuit for trying to copy its smart ring

Oura claims Ultrahuman is a copycat, not an innovator


While Oura has been around the block and is already on its third generation of smart ring, its rivals have been making some questionable moves. Last year, Oura dragged fledgling rival Circular into a patent war over ring design and biometric data collection. And now, the Finnish ring maker is throwing another legal punch at another startup, Ultrahuman, for allegedly copying its products and stealing its secrets.

microsoft teams logo against a blurred background 1
Microsoft Teams wants to be a virtual Marie Kondo for your office space

These new AI tricks should certainly spark joy


Thanks to the pandemic's video call boom, your favorite video chat apps now have fancy features like background blurring or swapping, turning our homes into anything from serene beaches to bustling cityscapes. Microsoft, in particular, went all out for Teams, offering a smorgasbord of imaginative backgrounds for every imaginable situation. But let's face it, those virtual backgrounds often look as fake as they are. Enter Microsoft's new AI-powered background makeover tool, which ditches the tacky virtual backgrounds and uses AI to spruce up your actual surroundings, however messy they look.

Titan security keys in USB-C and USB-A options side by side 1
Google's new Titan Security Key is its latest step towards a passwordless future

Who needs passwords when you can have a key the size of your patience for remembering them?


Google has long been advocating for better online security, and its Titan Security Key is a testament to that commitment. Titan is billed as an extra layer of defense against hacking and phishing. The company has also joined forces with other tech giants to steer us away from passwords towards passkeys to achieve that same goal, and the latest Titan keys now work with passkeys, making them the VIP pass to a passwordless future.

android auto wireless display for car 1
This Android Auto wireless car display is only $90 for a limited time

Upgrade your driving experience with this sleek 7-inch car display


Staring at your tiny smartphone screen while driving can be a recipe for stress and accidents. So, once you're in the driver's seat, fiddling with your phone is a no-go. Sure, you could grab a car mount for your Android phone, but admit it—a bigger screen just makes the whole drive way better. Whether you're revamping an old car or craving a killer infotainment system, snag this wireless car display on StackSocial for just $90 today, down from the usual retail price of $140. It's a limited-time deal, though, and it's expiring in 12 days. Don't put it off, or you might miss out on giving your older ride a sweet upgrade.

Generative AI Google Search 1
Google's latest experiment turns Search results into a jumble of unsolicited advice

'Notes' lets you comment on search results to help other users


Google has been on a mission to shake things up in search. For instance, it's got AI whipping up images from your text prompts and solving the math problems you throw at it. And in a world where people crave connection as much as information, Google is spicing up your web browsing by adding personal touch to search results, turning them into a collaborative knowledge base with the help of fellow users.

amazon echo show 8 2023 as a smart home hub 1

Amazon's been cozy with Fire OS, a tweaked version of open source Android, in its streaming devices, Fire tablets, and smart speakers. But it was recently found that the company has been sneaking around with an in-house operating system, dubbed Vega OS, aiming to one day kick Android to the curb across the board. It turns out that Amazon has already made the switch from Android to Vega on at least one device.

Home screen of the Google News app on a smartphone 1
Google News to deliver final blow to magazine support next month

Prepare to bid farewell to your magazine collection on December 18


In 2020, Google pulled the plug on its print-replica magazine service—you know, that thing you probably forgot existed. If you didn't notice, no worries; it's not like the magazine section was hanging out in the Play Store for a year anyway. Even though die-hard subscribers could still cozy up with their old issues on the Google News app, purchasing new subscriptions was no longer possible. And now, Google News is wiping out the last bits of magazine support in the app, just in case you are still clinging to those digital magazines you've hoarded in your library.

A Pixel 6 Pro shows a Google Maps view of Mountain View, CA with the Google Visitor Experience selected. 1
Google Maps sent hikers down a remote nonexistent trail

A hiker's idea of a scenic route turned into a cliffhanger drama in Canada


Google Maps has become a trusted companion for countless road trips and adventures, but sometimes it has also become notorious for its occasional detours. From leading unsuspecting drivers down non-existent roads to guiding hikers onto treacherous trails, Maps has proven itself to be a master of misdirection. Take, for instance, the story of a hiker in British Columbia, Canada, who ended up needing a helicopter rescue after allegedly following a phantom trail on Google Maps.

The Google Play Store logo against a gray background 1
Google Play tightens rules to keep low-quality and unsafe apps at bay

Google is on a never-ending quest to make the Play Store a haven for high-quality apps


Google's Play Store is drowning in a sea of subpar apps, ranging from lame game rip-offs and uninspired copycats to battery-gobbling messes. To keep this digital dump from growing, Google is tightening the screws on developers with new requirements that they must follow if their apps are to be accepted into the Play Store.

Anker-615-charging-station 1
Grab this 5-in-1 Anker 65W charging station at its best price ever right now

Prime members can save $35 on this GaNPrime charger for a limited time


If you didn't catch Anker's sweet deals during October's Prime Day on Amazon, don't fret. Right now, the tech accessory maker is slashing prices on some of its best chargers, like the 615 USB-C Power Strip. Amazon is rolling out an awesome deal on this charging station just a couple of weeks before Black Friday, hitting the lowest price we've ever seen.

OnePlus-12-renders-1 1
Oppo reveals the nitty-gritty of OnePlus 12's new Hasselblad camera system

Oppo claims its HyperTone camera can go toe-to-toe with Apple and Samsung


Oppo's Find X5 stepped up its camera game thanks to a partnership with Swedish camera maker Hasselblad in 2022. The collaboration has been all about jazzing up Oppo's smartphone cameras with color science innovations. And this trend isn't stopping anytime soon. Oppo is still chasing the camera crown, extending its partnership with Hasselblad to cook up even more powerful camera systems for its future flagship smartphones.

Google Home app favorites tab showing security camera feeds 1
Google Home's favorites panel is coming to non-Pixel phones on Android 14

Control your smart home without leaving the comfort of your lock screen


After a lengthy public testing phase, Google finally got its act together and gave the Home app a much-needed makeover earlier this year. The old version was so restrictive and limited in its control options that it was practically useless for managing your smart home devices. The new and improved layout boasts a sleek design, user-friendly menus, and the ability to bookmark your favorite devices in one place. Plus, Google has thrown in a Home Panel, letting everyone in your house control lights, locks, cameras, and thermostats without having to unlock their device. And if your phone is eligible for Android 14, you're in luck—this feature is coming your way soon.

The Google Photos logo with a swirl of Android Police logos in the background 1
Magic Editor's naughty list of forbidden edits revealed in recent Google Photos teardown

Forget faking an ID or human face with Magic Editor


In the era of selfies and filters, let's face it: not all photos turn out flawless. But if you're rocking a Pixel phone, Google Photos' Magic Editor can work its AI magic to polish your pictures. However, there's some worry that AI-powered editing tools may fall into abusive hands, leading to forged documents and other shenanigans. Well, Google has some tricks up its sleeve to keep Magic Editor out of mischievous hands. A recent code dive reveals that the photo editor has a list of forbidden edits, ensuring your driver's license or passport stays authentic.

google shopping logo on a phone screen 1

As the holiday season approaches, the allure of bargain hunting intensifies. And who doesn't love a good bargain? While we're all for saving money, navigating the holiday shopping maze and figuring out if it's a legit deal can be a daunting task. Fortunately, Google's new deal-hunting tools in Search and Chrome will help you uncover real savings and avoid those sneaky price tricks.

ExpressVPN Keys setup screen 1
ExpressVPN wants to outshine password managers with its latest privacy tool

The company throws its hat in the ring, hoping its reputation for security will rub off


While passkeys continue to gain traction, passwords aren't quite ready for their obituary yet. Tech giants like Google continue to refine this next-gen security tool, but passwords are still holding their own. In the meantime, with data breaches as common as online accounts, having a robust way to protect those sensitive details is a must. Now, ExpressVPN is jumping into the password manager arena, hoping their security expertise will translate into a winning formula.

The Google Photos app displayed on a phone screen 1
Google Photos' stacks look more like Top Shot than pile of photos in early demo

This leak spills the beans on how Photo Stack will tidy up your photo chaos


Google Photos is great for storing and organizing pictures, but duplicates can easily clutter up your library. A new feature called Photo Stack, which surfaced last month, seems to be on the horizon to help you de-clutter your photo library. An early demo now shows how it'll organize similar shots in virtual piles to tidy things.

Google messages hero made by Android Police 1
Google Messages' account-based device pairing finally ditches QR codes

QR codes are so 2022, so Google Messages is getting with the times


Google Messages never stops gaining ground, with over a billion downloads on the Play Store. However, one thing that users have complained about is the need to scan a QR code to use the app on multiple devices, such as tablets and computers, at the same time. This can be a pain, especially if you're constantly switching between devices. In September, Google began to address this limitation with a new device pairing system that would be based on Google accounts, making it more convenient to pair your phone with the web version of the app without having to scan a QR code. After a few months of beta testing, the account-based pairing system is now rolling out widely.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Retro edition 1
Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 5 Retro is a throwback to a 20 year-old flip phone

The Galaxy Z Flip 5's new retro vibes are straight out of the 2000s


Back in 2003, Samsung released the SGH-E700, its first mobile phone with a built-in antenna. It was a huge success, selling over ten million units and propelling Samsung to the forefront of the mobile phone industry.The SGH-E700 was a revolutionary phone at the time, paving the way for Samsung's future success in the mobile phone market. Now, 20 years after the release of the SGH-E700, Samsung is paying homage to the iconic flip phone with a limited-edition Galaxy Z Flip 5.

Google Keep logo on a phone screen 1
Google Keep's upcoming AI feature wants you to think outside the box

'Magic Lists' may spark ideas you never knew you had, but there's a caveat


Google is all in on AI, and its language models are getting a lot smarter. At this year's I/O conference, the company announced a slew of new features powered by generative AI, from Gmail's "Help me write" tool to more creative capabilities in Docs, Sheets, Slides, Chat, and Meet. And even Google Keep, which seemed like it didn't need any AI smarts, could be joining the party. What does this mean for Google's note-taking app? A new piece of evidence suggests that it may gain an AI boost that will help you come up with fresh ideas.

emoji-2023-ap-hero 1
Gmail's emoji picker is now more inclusive with various skin tones

Choose your skin tones and gender preferences 💁‍♂️💁‍♀️


Emoji are everywhere, and once you have them, it's hard to get rid of them. You can find them in nearly all your favorite Android apps, from Facebook and WhatsApp to Telegram and Gmail, providing a way to add some personality to your messages. However, Gmail's emoji picker on the web has been behind the times given that the selection has been lacking in inclusivity. Google has finally fixed that with a revamped emoji picker that lets you better express yourself.

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