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  • The Google Pixel 8 Pro supports wireless charging with any Qi-certified charger, but for the fastest charging speeds, you'll need the Google Pixel Stand (2nd gen).
  • Charging speeds on the Pixel 8 Pro vary depending on the type of wireless charger you have. Older Qi-certified BPP chargers will only charge at 5W, while newer Qi-certified EPP chargers can charge at 12W.
  • To unlock the full 23W wireless charging speeds on the Pixel 8 Pro, you'll need to use the Google Pixel Stand
  • However, slower charging speeds are still perfectly fine for overnight charging.

Quick answer: Yes, the Google Pixel 8 Pro supports wireless charging with any Qi-certified charger. However, you will need to buy the Google Pixel Stand (2nd gen) to take advantage of its full 23W fast wireless charging speeds.

Google's 2023 flagship smartphones have burst onto the scene. The more expensive of the two — the Google Pixel 8 Pro — brings in several improvements over last year's Pixel 7 lineup, including better cameras, a brighter display, and a bucket load of AI-powered features, including Best Take and Audio Magic Eraser.

Aside from these hardware and software improvements, the Pixel 8 and the Pixel 8 Pro are eligible for seven years (yes, you read that right!) of Android version upgrades, feature drops, and security updates. But how does this new flagship fare when it comes to wireless charging?

How fast is the Pixel 8 Pro's wireless charging?

Being the flagship offering from Google, it is hardly surprising that the Pixel 8 Pro supports wireless charging. In fact, the phone even supports wireless fast charging. However, depending on the type of wireless charger you have with you, the rate of wireless charging may differ.

For example, if you have an older Qi-certified BPP (Baseline Power Profile) charger, the charging speeds on the Pixel 8 Pro will be restricted to just 5W. Considering the Pixel 8 Pro supports up to 23W wired and wireless fast charging, most users may find 5W a bit too slow. That said, 5W is perfectly fine for slow overnight charging.

For faster wireless charging speeds, you will need to upgrade to newer Qi-certified EPP (Extended Power Profile) wireless chargers. These chargers increase the wireless charging speeds on all compatible devices, which, in the case of the Pixel 8 Pro, is a more respectable 12W.

How to enable 23W wireless fast charging on the Google Pixel 8 Pro


If you're looking forward to buying a Google Pixel 8 Pro, chances are you're aware that the device supports fast wireless charging at 23W. However, there is a major catch if you want to unlock this peak charging speed. The full 23W wireless charging speeds are only unleashed when you use the Google Pixel 8 Pro with Google's own Pixel Stand 2 wireless charging accessory. On all other Qi-certified EPP chargers, the wireless charging speeds will be restricted to 12W, as outlined before.

To summarize, here are the different charging speeds you can potentially achieve with the Google Pixel 8 Pro, depending on the charging method you choose:

  • Wired charging using the Google 30W USB-C charger: 30W
  • Wireless charging on Qi-certified BPP wireless chargers: 5W
  • Wireless charging on Qi-certified EPP wireless chargers: 12W
  • Wireless charging using Google Pixel Stand 2: 23W

Is wireless charging good for your battery?

Wireless charging is quickly becoming the first choice of charging for many smartphone users. While it is still slow compared to wired fast charging, the very fact that it doesn't involve having to plug a wire into the phone has made it pretty great. Other advantages of wireless charging include the fact that one doesn't need to worry about a charging cable at all times.

The universal nature of the standard also lets people use the same Qi-certified charger to juice up devices of different types. For example, you can use a single Qi-certified wireless charger to charge any Qi-compatible smartphone, wireless earbuds, or smartwatch.

With smartphones, there is also a notion that wireless charging replenishes the battery at a slower rate, resulting in less battery heating than modern-day wired fast charging. In contrast, detractors claim that wireless charging generates more heat than traditional wired slow charging.

While this was definitely a problem during the early days of wireless charging, the ever-evolving Qi standard makes it mandatory for wireless chargers to regulate charging speeds to safely and efficiently manage any potential heating issues, thus minimizing the risk of heat-related battery degradation. So, yes, it is perfectly fine to wirelessly charge the Google Pixel 8 Pro or any Qi-compatible device as long as you are using a high-quality, Qi-certified wireless charger.

Google Pixel Stand 2nd gen holding phone and positioned at an angle
Source: Google
Google Pixel Stand (2nd gen)

If you want the best possible wireless charging speeds on the Google Pixel 8 Pro, your best bet is getting yourselves the Google Pixel Stand (2nd gen). Besides wirelessly fast charging the Pixel 8 Pro at 27W, this charging accessory is Qi-certified and is compatible with a wide variety of Qi-certified gadgets.